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Monday, July 17, 2017

Still Waiting

Still waiting. Yes, but it isn't too bad. They show, every week, developed stuff that they are working on. It is very entertaining. One could build a storyboard montage with all the static images they're producing for our weekly entertainment.

A Ship Jacker NPC mock-up
(with a little happy face placed on for our amusement).

But I'm not posting because there is not a lot happening. Hmm, more grammatically correct would be to simply say that there is not a lot happening. Programming, programming, programming. It's down to the short strokes for Star Citizen a3.0. We just have to wait for it to drop. We know it is close. Mid-August, I guess. The old Star Citizen a2.6.3 just doesn't cut it anymore what with all the cool stuff packed into 3.0.

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