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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

System Count on Launch

It has been recently reported that there will be 5 - 10 systems on Star Citizen official launch. This is a change from the 100 systems we had been expecting.

I assume the system count change is because of the far greater fidelity being built into Star Citizen. Greater fidelity takes longer.

I'm disappointed in the system count change. So, too, are lots of people.

The main reason other people are upset is that there is apparently less space in which to play. Counter arguments are that there will actually be MORE space as the planets and moons are far larger and content rich than originally planned.

For me, however, the disappointment is different. I am disappointed because of the disconnect with Star Citizen lore.

I've been following the official lore for a long time. They have been fleshing out the descriptions of all the hundred or so systems. I have decided what I want to do and where I want to go based upon this lore. I've worked up trade routes as best I could. I've purchased ships according to my activities within the lore. I've identified friends based on what and where they have indicated they wish to play. So now I'm sad that it is irrelevant.

It is popularly predicted that they will only be able to create 7'ish systems per year. So it could take a dozen years or more for CIG to flesh out their universe. A depressing thought if one is hung up on lore.

The counter argument to my little depression is that CIG, the developers, will surprise everyone and get the 100-system Verse up and running in a greatly reduced time frame. They always are developing tools to speed things up without compromising on too much fidelity.

Time will tell.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Driver's Licence

It took me four trys to get my surface operators licence. Four!

Never did like these tests. Reminded me of trying to get my Earth driver's licence. I failed the first time. Very traumatic. But, in my favor, I failed due to poor vision. I didn't even know I had poor vision. Then I got glasses. Zowie! Brick walls have bricks in them. Who knew?

Anyway, the trauma is terrible. Do you suppose it's on my permanent record? Will potential employers see my three fails?

I could quibble about what should be the correct answers. But as they say, can't argue with the powers that be.

Now I'm dreading the next test ...

Monday, July 17, 2017

Still Waiting

Still waiting. Yes, but it isn't too bad. They show, every week, developed stuff that they are working on. It is very entertaining. One could build a storyboard montage with all the static images they're producing for our weekly entertainment.

A Ship Jacker NPC mock-up
(with a little happy face placed on for our amusement).

But I'm not posting because there is not a lot happening. Hmm, more grammatically correct would be to simply say that there is not a lot happening. Programming, programming, programming. It's down to the short strokes for Star Citizen a3.0. We just have to wait for it to drop. We know it is close. Mid-August, I guess. The old Star Citizen a2.6.3 just doesn't cut it anymore what with all the cool stuff packed into 3.0.