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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Star Citizen 3.0 August

Well, Star Citizen a3.0 is now not expected until some time in August. A delay from June. A bit of a disappointment, that. I'm old. My game-playing years dwindle with time. But I watched the first moon landing on TV and, by gum, I'll see the BDSSE published, too!

Truly, Star Citizen will be the most technically advanced game in existence. Essentially no resource limitations, no player limit, no shards or player instances ... creating the impossible, it is. And the fidelity is near AAA movie grade! Spectacular. So I can understand that there may be a difficulty or two in stitching all the pieces together.

I pretty much only do the occasional Vanduul Swarm as I wait for SC a3.0. Just to keep my skills from deteriorating.

Odd thing though, the other day I was instantly peppered with missiles from a player on my own team! Maybe it's a new thing now to kill unsuspecting team members. The killer just unloaded all his missiles and then signed off. I didn't get his name. Even if I had, what can you do?

I know, maybe an Anti-Contact list. lol


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