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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What is Space Without Distance?

The Stanton System is Star Citizen's alpha test system and it's small right now. And I say this relative to fighter range. But with SCa3.0 coming, distances will suddenly become very, very big as access is opened up to the entire system.

In 3.0, we might be able to travel to various places within the system and be out of range of the many and varied fighters that currently populate the planet Crusader in the Stanton System. I expect that once in space we civilian professions with our longer-range craft will be free of pestilent fighters shooting us down left, right, and center. Maybe?

Fighters, especially the best fighters, should be short-range killing machines. Designed not for distance but for death. Front-line fighters are set now to a range of just 0.07au. That will keep them appropriately bound to a planet and its surrounds.

Aegis Sabre Comet

In a previous post I cleverly deduced that one unit of fuel would drive a ship one kilometer. That sounds OK. Each fighter currently has 10,000,000 units of fuel. It can travel 10,000,000 kilometers -- about 0.07au.

Inter-planetary distances in Stanton are typically 3au, often more. There seems to be a bit of a dilemma here. How do fighters get from planet to planet?

Now we know why they make long-range fighters. The Vanguard series is a long-range fighter. The Aegis Vanguard Hoplite has an improved fuel tank holding 18,000,000 units. A total range of 0.12au. Still not enough to get around the Stanton system. Ha!

Long-range fighter: Aegis Vanguard Hoplite

I suppose the only fighter ship-moving method which will be available in SC a3.0, given current parameters, is to hire a big NPC carrier to come and carry your ship (and yourself) to a new planet in the system.

But there is another way. A rare but way cool way.

There is talk of a new map coming out. We've seen videos of devs placing planets'n stuff in orbit around a sun. But I'm thinking it's just a new tool with all the placed objects still in the same orbit distances. Yes, it means distance will be dynamic but still will remain practically true to the existing ARC Star Map.

Placing stuff on the new Star Map.
Stole this image from somewhere. Can't remember where.

Maybe if one wanted to change planets then the orbit timing may, on occasion, allow the range between planets to be within the capability of a fighter. But it would be rare. A stopped clock is right twice a day'n all that.

Still, if there were media outlets in the Verse you'd think they would be right on top of this sort of thing. They'd have planetary alignments on the front page of everyone's viewers, maybe?

Way cool.


  1. Hi Art,
    I randomly stumbled across your blog and I am very piqued by your analysis / impressions of the game so far.

    To my point though, don't forget ships have Quantum drives and jump drives. Your calculations only take into account Quantum drives. Once jump drives are implemented anything bigger than a snub fighter will be able to cover much larger distances with similar "ease".

    I would love to discuss the game with you! Feel free to reach out to me if you so choose :-). See you in the verse!

    1. It's all pretty much tongue-in-cheek at the moment: Au/unit, # of units, speed ... all subject to change.

      I should point out though that a jump drive is only good at a gate. You still have to get to the gate and from the gate.

      I'm reachin' out. I'm obviously wrapped up in the game, too. I don't think darthnumlock is your citizen name, is it?

    2. Oops, sorry. I think I replied to me. Should have replied to you.

    3. Thanks for the reply art! I agree with your points above. Stellar cartography and exploration is high on my "excited" list for star citizen. My in game name is Warloww. Add me and send me a PM. Would love to invite you to my discord or visa versa. /salute