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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Operation Pitchfork

Operation Pitchfork (OPPF) is a player-driven event at the end of the Star Citizen beta development period, just before the game is officially release (aka Star Citizen 4.0). The event's purpose is to invade a neighboring alien domain; the Vanduul. Star Citizen lore describes several planetary systems lost to Vanduul attacks. The purpose of Operation Pitchfork is the recapturing of these lost lands and liberating the humans in hiding there.

One of the neat things about Star Citizen is perma-death -- death, the loss of life and assets. So play is for keepsies. It's not the end of the world, though. You get reborn with a new identity and life. Details.

I am devoting one life to OPPF. Assuming I don't die on a launch pad or by smacking into an asteroid, my first life will be to take part in the massive opening chapter of the OPPF operation.

Yes, OPPF is massive. So far four thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven citizens have signed up for the adventure. The organization of the project is beginning to gel. At the moment, I have a fighter spaceship, I'm thinking I'll be in a reserve pool, waiting to be attached to an operational group.

Some clever person has gone to the (non-profit) trouble of making up patches. I'll be ordering these three, just for fun. (Maybe the Canadian dollar could be a bit higher before I do.)